Anonymous Communication System

We keep your real Email and real Phone number private!

Buyers and Sellers communicate freely with each other while their email addresses and phone numbers remain completely private! Sooshi's anonymous communication system consists of two primary components:

  • Anonymous Messaging System
    Allows buyers and sellers to exchange text messages anonymously using either their personal email accounts or the "Conversation" interface on the website. The real email addresses of the buyer and seller are never revealed to each other and never need to be publicly posted online. more details...
  • Anonymous Phone Call System

    Allows sellers to accept phone calls from interested buyers without posting their real phone number online. Buyers are likewise protected since their real phone number is never revealed to the seller. Sellers can even return buyer phone calls while still maintaining the privacy of BOTH parties. Accountability is maintained since the real phone numbers of both parties are privately and securely logged in the database. more details...

    DO NOT leave your real phone number on the other party's voice mail. Instead simply mention the ad you are calling about. The other party WILL be able to return your call WITHOUT your real phone number!

At any time... either party can block further text messages and phone calls from the other party by closing the conversation thread. This keeps all users in control whether you're a buyer or seller!

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