Security & Accountability Photos

Document the condition of an item AND provide buyer/seller accountability!

Security Photos, also known as Accountability Photos, are photos taken of the item being sold at the time of the sale transaction. Ideally, one of these photos includes the buyer with the item being sold and another with the seller and the item being sold.

Security Photos are designed to add a level of security and accountability for both buyers and sellers in the following ways:

  1. Document the condition of the item at the time of the sale transaction.

    Security Photos are timestamped when they are uploaded to In this regard acts as a neutral third party documenting the condition of the item at a particular point in time (the time of sale).

  2. Document the buyer and seller with the item being sold.
  3. Buyers and sellers are less likely to conduct fraudulent transactions if they are photographed with the item being sold.

    We understand that not all buyers and sellers will be open to having their photo taken. In these cases it's ultimately up to the buyer and seller to decide how to proceed. Our objective is to provide a platform that supports the concept of Security and Accountability Photos for those transactions that choose to take advantage of them.

How it works
  • Security Photos can either be sent as attachments in a reply to a conversation email or they may be uploaded online in the "Conversation" interface of the website.
  • Security Photos can be viewed in the "Conversation" interface of the website.
  • Security Photos are a completely optional feature of the website. However, users are encouraged to take advantaged of the feature whenever possible.
  1. Only the buyer and seller involved in a conversation have access to the Security Photos for that conversation.
  2. The terms of use state that buyers and sellers may NOT use Security Photos for any other purpose.
  3. While the terms of use allow buyers and sellers to photograph each other with the item being sold, buyers and sellers are encouraged to exercise common courtesy. Ask permission of the buyer or seller before taking their photo. If a buyer or seller chooses not to have their photo taken then politely disengage from the transaction WITHOUT taking their photograph.
  4. All photos uploaded for an Ad after the Ad goes live are treated as Security Photos by default. Sellers that wish to upload new Ad Photos can change the photo status from "Security Photo" to "Ad Photo" after uploading the photo.
  5. See our Safety Guidelines for additional info
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